Snout from Artella test

Animated this quick test today to test out 3 things : animating in Maya 2018 for the first time, this super appealing rig from Artella and the really fun workflow demonstrated by Rick Arroyo here :
I found this was a really intuitive way to figure out the basic timing, who doesn’t enjoy making sound effects? 🙂

bh Bake Animation To WorldSpace V2

I’ve been looking at various solutions for baking animation to world space while on my creature course, including my own tool for this that I wrote a few years back. I’m not crazy about any as most of them bake the animation to every frame which is a pain to clean up, or they use constraints which don’t always work with some rigs. So I re-worked my own version so that it only bakes the original frames each controller was keyed on and it doesn’t use constraints.

Still a WIP, I’ll be giving it plenty of testing over the next few weeks while I work on my assignments!