Champagne Simulation – Maya Bifrost.

One of the fun parts of my job is that I get to wear a lot of hats sometimes, this time I’m learning about liquid simulation using Mayas Bifrost system so that I can simulate a character drinking champagne in a short I’m working on for a client.The plane you see moving is a Bifrost ‘Killplane’ I animated to delete the particles as they leave the top of the glass so that it looks like the character is drinking them.
It took a while to get a handle on the settings in Bifrost but I’m very impressed with how fast it is, definitely a great addition to Maya for this kind of work.

To finish this off I cached the simulation out to Alembic and retimed it (I slowed the glass animation down by half to make collisions work better) using a MEL tool I wrote. The finished cache will be sent to C4D for my client to render.