Jason Ryan demos bhGhost

Jason Ryan from iAnimate/Disney/Dreamworks/Cinesite made a great video showing how he uses my ghosting tool for Maya.

Tips and Tricks for Animating in Maya, great demo and awesome plugin by Brian Horgan.

Posted by iAnimate.net on Friday, March 11, 2016

Shadow Face Rig for iAnimate


Today I delivered the finished version of a brand new rig for the iAnimate character ‘Shadow’. I re-rigged the body a while back and now I’ve added a very flexible face rig too which features both a GUI and on-face controls. The rig runs at real-time speeds and should be very fun to animate with. It was a little daunting building a rig to be used by an entire animation school but I learned a lot while building it and I’m pretty proud of it now and excited to see what the students do with it. I have a couple of ideas for shots I’d like to try with it myself..