bh oddRuler – Physically correct Spacing guide tool for Maya

I was watching a video from discussing ‘the odd rule’ or ‘Galileo’s Ramp’, which demonstrates a formula for calculating physically correct spacing of a body affected by gravity and I thought ‘maybe I could create a tool for Maya that would help figure this out by creating visual guides in the viewport based off that formula’.

So I did! This tool takes two objects (start and end positions) and the number of frames the move should take and creates guides that represent the physically correct spacing for natural acceleration due to gravity. It’s a very early WIP right now but I think it has promise.

Spidercat Returns! Unity mechanim study continued..

I’m learning about the Mecanim system in the Unity game engine and I put this test project together to try out using blend trees and scripting to switch between different animations like walk, run, idle, jump, walk+turn etc driven by user input.

All modeling, rigging and animation here created by me.