Maya junk..

Do you ever find Maya is pasting a bunch of old nodes from a file you were working on a while back when you hit ‘CTRL+V’ over the UI? Seems to happen to me often enough so today I tracked down how to fix it, you can use the following MEL script to find the file it’s pasting from and delete it which will prevent it happening.. ahh that’s better..

string $tmpFile = "/maya_sceneClipBoard" ;
string $tmpdir = `getenv TMPDIR`;
string $filePath = ($tmpdir + $tmpFile);

Snout from Artella test

Animated this quick test today to test out 3 things : animating in Maya 2018 for the first time, this super appealing rig from Artella and the really fun workflow demonstrated by Rick Arroyo here :
I found this was a really intuitive way to figure out the basic timing, who doesn’t enjoy making sound effects? 🙂