Staff Band : animation reference breakdown

A little behind-the-scenes from a piece I animated for The Sexy Brutale game by Cavalier Games/Tequilaworks.
Hey.. you use what you have, right ?
I don’t shoot reference for every action I animate but I’ve noticed they usually turn out better when I do, even if I just use them as a jumping off point while blocking the main poses/timing.

Smurfs Hololens project!

I can finally show the results of a recent job featuring both iconic characters and cutting-edge tech! I rigged all characters and animated the plant and dragonfly character and my friend Virgil did the awesome Smurf and Gargamel animation.

In the press..

Our game is still in development but early previews are starting to appear now. Most of these are online but nice to see one in print too, in this case in the current issue of Official Playstation 4 magazine.


Between Times

Really great clients of mine, Tiny Inventions, have released a really nice short.
I did the rigging for the characters for this in C4D. It was an interesting job as the faces were 2d images animated in a stop-motion kind of way that were rigged to follow the 3d characters. The short is a hybrid of CG and photographed sets and models.