Musical Walks #2 – Funk

Another music-inspired walk cycle test, this time with the great Jupiter rig from iAnimate.  For reference I used the 2d ‘attitude walk’ in Eric Goldberg’s book Character Animation Crash Course. Tricky to push the poses as much as the 2d version with a 3d rig but a lot of fun to try. Just to make it more of a challenge I tried to make it look at least decent from all angles rather than just one fixed view. I had some fun with the music too, a good excuse to blow the dust off my wah pedal 🙂

Lie and Holst Short Film

Lie (pronounced “Lee”) and Holst are two undercover policemen, doing drug enforcement at Oslo East End. Lie is the boss, Holst is the sidekick. They are, however, neither the sharpest tool in the shed. Here they face a somewhat indelicate problem, having to do with their policedog’s waste.

You can find a making-of video about it here:

Production: TNL © 2013

I was character animation lead on this piece and also did some technical supervision, tech support and story development. One of the most fun jobs I’ve had yet as the guys at TNL do great work and are really great to work for.

Hope you enjoy it!