Fagforbundet short film wins an award!

The short film I animated for Tilnaermet Lik has won an award, in the competition ‘The Visuelt Awards’ – in the category of Infomercials. We won Gold, you can read about it (in Norwegian) and watch the film here: http://www.grafill.no/visuelt/vinnere/2014/moving-image/informasjonsfilm/

The jury said: “We fell for the unconventional and personal twist on an infomercial, with its appealing characters and touching narrative. The clever transitions, humor and richness in style makes us want to see it over and over…”

Laban Study – featuring Blurp

A study piece I animated back in 2012 when our teacher at iAnimate taught us about applying the Laban principles of movement to our characters. I learn best by doing so I put this together to try to better understand the concepts. I’m sure I could animate it better now but I think most of them are reasonably successful in illustrating the different kinds of motion I was trying to grasp.

Turnaround animation test

I attended a masterclass with Kyle Balda (ILM, Pixar) over the weekend and he demonstrated his approach to animation which uses a layered method rather than working pose to pose. I’ve only ever used that method for walk and run cycles so I was curious to try it out with something different. A very simple test but I learned something from it that I’m sure will come in handy for more complex shots.

Female face sketch

I’m trying to get better at drawing stylized female faces so that I can make clearer animatics when planning animation. This one feels like one of my more successful attempts.
Drawn digitally in Manga Studio using a CintiqFemaleSketch131014Web