I’m doing a lot of rigging in Cinema 4D recently but I really like to use the ngSkin tools plugin in Maya for the skinning (it beats the pants off the native skinning tools in either Maya or C4D IMO) so I’m working on a MEL script that allows me to export the weights straight to C4D without having to export FBX each time. When run it saves the skinning information to a text file that Cinema 4D R14/15 can read and import.



I did some really rough straight-ahead pencil tests in TV Paint while learning the basics of the program and thought it might be fun to add some sound effects to those using only a guitar (or 3) and some effects pedals.

A fun little break for me from the much more technical CG animation/rigging I usually do. Gotta keep things loose and analogue sometimes 🙂

Animated short about the power of Unions

A short I worked on just before Christmas for the Tilnærmet studio in Norway. I rigged and animated all characters here (some props too!) in 22 days.

Rigging and animation was done in Maya, lighting and rendering was done by Tilnærmet in C4D using Maxwel.

Hopefully the story comes across, even if you don’t speak Norwegian!