Timeline Markers update

Hey Animators, I’ve added a small but useful update to my ‘Timeline Markers’ tool for Maya.

Recently I’ve been using this a lot while working on game animations with a lot of separate actions in the same Maya file and I found I wanted a quick way to set the timeslider to each animation range, so now if you hold CTRL while clicking on a marker it will set the timesliders Start range to that frame and if you hold ALT while clicking on a marker it will set the timesliders End range to that frame. It’s a very quick way to set things up for working on a section, or baking out to FBX etc. Hope it comes in handy!

Download it here

bhGhost 1-29

Tiny workflow improvement update for bhGhost – if a hide ghosts layer already exists in the Maya scene when you launch the tool the ‘Hide on Playback’ checkbox will be enabled to reflect that. NB This feature only works in Maya 2016 +.

Download it here

Jason Ryan demos bhGhost

Jason Ryan from iAnimate/Disney/Dreamworks/Cinesite made a great video showing how he uses my ghosting tool for Maya.

Tips and Tricks for Animating in Maya, great demo and awesome plugin by Brian Horgan.

Posted by iAnimate.net on Friday, March 11, 2016