Table Manners 2D Planning

A little behind-the-scenes shot from the Table Manners piece.

This was the final pass I did on the planning stage for the Table Manners short. I animated it in TV Paint. The animation is very basic, it was just a way for the director and I to nail down the basic timing for the actions before going into 3D.

Table Manners – Cartoon Short

This is the result of a very fun job I did for O-Motion in the UK.

I did all of the 3D animation and rigging and also the fluid simulation for the Champagne and soup.

The full credits are :

Directed by: Oliver Hayes
Character design: Ben Mantle
Rigging and 3D animation: Brian Horgan
3d Modelling: Jacob Einsinger
Texturing: Jacob Einsinger and Oliver Hayes
Compositing and 2D animation: Oliver Hayes
Music and sfx: Sanj Sen (Ropey Sound)


Spidercat Returns! Unity mechanim study continued..

I’m learning about the Mecanim system in the Unity game engine and I put this test project together to try out using blend trees and scripting to switch between different animations like walk, run, idle, jump, walk+turn etc driven by user input.

All modeling, rigging and animation here created by me.


I did some really rough straight-ahead pencil tests in TV Paint while learning the basics of the program and thought it might be fun to add some sound effects to those using only a guitar (or 3) and some effects pedals.

A fun little break for me from the much more technical CG animation/rigging I usually do. Gotta keep things loose and analogue sometimes 🙂

Welcome to the new Graphite 9 Blog!

Greetings! Welcome to my new blog where I’ll be uploading animation, scripts, and general CG-related stuff.

A little about me : I am a freelance animator/rigger based in Ireland. I work with Maya and Cinema 4D as my main applications. I’m also comfortable with After Effects, ZBrush and audio applications like Cubase and Wavelab. I have a background in music but these days my main focus is character animation. As well as working as an animator/rigger I’m also a student of animation, I’m currently taking workshop 5 with online school iAnimate.

As well as the artistic side of animation I have an interest in scripting, I use MEL in Maya and Python in C4D to write tools that help me work faster. Every now and then I share tools I’ve made on my website. You’ll find links to those at the top of the page.