Between Times

Really great clients of mine, Tiny Inventions, have released a really nice short.
I did the rigging for the characters for this in C4D. It was an interesting job as the faces were 2d images animated in a stop-motion kind of way that were rigged to follow the 3d characters. The short is a hybrid of CG and photographed sets and models.

Shadow Face Rig for iAnimate


Today I delivered the finished version of a brand new rig for the iAnimate character ‘Shadow’. I re-rigged the body a while back and now I’ve added a very flexible face rig too which features both a GUI and on-face controls. The rig runs at real-time speeds and should be very fun to animate with. It was a little daunting building a rig to be used by an entire animation school but I learned a lot while building it and I’m pretty proud of it now and excited to see what the students do with it. I have a couple of ideas for shots I’d like to try with it myself..

Table Manners – Cartoon Short

This is the result of a very fun job I did for O-Motion in the UK.

I did all of the 3D animation and rigging and also the fluid simulation for the Champagne and soup.

The full credits are :

Directed by: Oliver Hayes
Character design: Ben Mantle
Rigging and 3D animation: Brian Horgan
3d Modelling: Jacob Einsinger
Texturing: Jacob Einsinger and Oliver Hayes
Compositing and 2D animation: Oliver Hayes
Music and sfx: Sanj Sen (Ropey Sound)


Champagne Simulation – Maya Bifrost.

One of the fun parts of my job is that I get to wear a lot of hats sometimes, this time I’m learning about liquid simulation using Mayas Bifrost system so that I can simulate a character drinking champagne in a short I’m working on for a client.The plane you see moving is a Bifrost ‘Killplane’ I animated to delete the particles as they leave the top of the glass so that it looks like the character is drinking them.
It took a while to get a handle on the settings in Bifrost but I’m very impressed with how fast it is, definitely a great addition to Maya for this kind of work.

To finish this off I cached the simulation out to Alembic and retimed it (I slowed the glass animation down by half to make collisions work better) using a MEL tool I wrote. The finished cache will be sent to C4D for my client to render.

Fagforbundet short film wins an award!

The short film I animated for Tilnaermet Lik has won an award, in the competition ‘The Visuelt Awards’ – in the category of Infomercials. We won Gold, you can read about it (in Norwegian) and watch the film here:

The jury said: “We fell for the unconventional and personal twist on an infomercial, with its appealing characters and touching narrative. The clever transitions, humor and richness in style makes us want to see it over and over…”

Lie and Holst Short Film

Lie (pronounced “Lee”) and Holst are two undercover policemen, doing drug enforcement at Oslo East End. Lie is the boss, Holst is the sidekick. They are, however, neither the sharpest tool in the shed. Here they face a somewhat indelicate problem, having to do with their policedog’s waste.

You can find a making-of video about it here:

Production: TNL © 2013

I was character animation lead on this piece and also did some technical supervision, tech support and story development. One of the most fun jobs I’ve had yet as the guys at TNL do great work and are really great to work for.

Hope you enjoy it!



Animated short about the power of Unions

A short I worked on just before Christmas for the Tilnærmet studio in Norway. I rigged and animated all characters here (some props too!) in 22 days.

Rigging and animation was done in Maya, lighting and rendering was done by Tilnærmet in C4D using Maxwel.

Hopefully the story comes across, even if you don’t speak Norwegian!