Drawing as a tool for CG.

The more I draw the more ways I find it helps me with the CG side of things, I’m working on a personal test animation in my spare time recently and needed to figure out some scenery ideas for it. Usually I’d rough out some rough models right inside Maya but in this case I just took a screen shot of my existing scene and brought it into Clip Studio and drew over it. I found that made it much easier to quickly iterate on a few different ideas until I found something I liked. I then blocked that out back in Maya much more quickly using the drawing as a reference.

Still Drawing..

I’m still making a point of drawing every day, always trying to improve. Recently I’ve been drawing from the Boxtrolls art book and still images of classic movie stars from the early days of cinema. The lack of colour and the high contrast in those images seems to help me to simplify them. Capturing their beauty is always the challenge though!

Female face sketch

I’m trying to get better at drawing stylized female faces so that I can make clearer animatics when planning animation. This one feels like one of my more successful attempts.
Drawn digitally in Manga Studio using a CintiqFemaleSketch131014Web