bh Bake Animation To WorldSpace V2

I’ve been looking at various solutions for baking animation to world space while on my creature course, including my own tool for this that I wrote a few years back. I’m not crazy about any as most of them bake the animation to every frame which is a pain to clean up, or they use constraints which don’t always work with some rigs. So I re-worked my own version so that it only bakes the original frames each controller was keyed on and it doesn’t use constraints.

Still a WIP, I’ll be giving it plenty of testing over the next few weeks while I work on my assignments!

Iron Girl Run

I animated a run-cycle with this rig about a year ago and was curious to see if I could improve on it after some time spent studying reference of athletes this week.
Rig from iAnimate.

bhGhost – The Works

Over the last few years I’ve added several new features to my bhGhost tool – this video gives a quick overview of all current features and is intended as a quick start for anyone using it for the first time or anyone who has been using it for a while and wants to catch up on all of the latest features. The tool is available for download from my website here –

Stewart rig in the video is from Animation Mentor.

Staff Band : animation reference breakdown

A little behind-the-scenes from a piece I animated for The Sexy Brutale game by Cavalier Games/Tequilaworks.
Hey.. you use what you have, right ?
I don’t shoot reference for every action I animate but I’ve noticed they usually turn out better when I do, even if I just use them as a jumping off point while blocking the main poses/timing.